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nikki brooks in mommy has loose morals Sale!

Mom is in the living room with a complex look on her face, something is bothering her but I don’t know what, maybe it is her loose morals.

Nikki Brooks in Mommy Has Loose Morals

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Product Description

Scene One: Full Fist

Mom is in the living room with a complex look on her face, something is bothering her but I don’t know what, maybe it is her loose morals.

Without looking up, she says, “You know what you want. Now do it.” I kneel between her legs, and she says, “Slap me, slap my ass.” I do this and repeat several times, she lets out a little cry each time. She finally says, “Enough, now fuck me, fuck me up the ass.” I Start to but about a minute into it she tells me to go harder and faster, to make it hurt. I start going really fast and she turns her face moves her hands so I can see her face is twisted in pain she is making fists with her hands. I grunt loudly with every thrust until I cum with a really loud grunt. I gets up and he curls up into a ball.

Scene Two: Mommy Blowjob

I Walk down the hallway and hear a whisper. I turn around and see Mom standing in the bathroom door. With a nod of her head, she indicates me is to follow her. When we get into the bathroom, she guides me to sit on the toilet. She undoes my pants and pull out my cock. She gives me a blowjob while holding back her own hair. I come in her mouth, she leans back and makes a show of swallowing it and stares defiantly into my eyes. She then sits back for a moment and cries a bit then waves me away, must be her loose morals.

Scene Three: Violate Mommy

Mom walks me into the bathroom and closes the door. She lifts up her skirt and shows me she is not wearing underwear. She then bends over the toilet and tells me to put my penis in her. I want to make Mommy happy so I do what she tells me. She begs for me to do it harder and harder which I do and she is very thankful.

She then reaches into the drawer and pulls out a brush. She tells me to shove the brush in her ass. I do everything she says and she screams in Pain. But she tells me the pain is good. I keep going till she tells me to stop. Then she seems to be sad. She picks up her clothes and leaves me alone in the bathroom still holding the brush…

Scene Four: The Contact

Mommy calls me into the kitchen. She is opening a bottle of wine and then pours herself a nice glass. She then says we have a contract now. A bound between Mom and Son that cannot be broken. The contract states we cannot tell anyone about our fun time.

I agree to never tell anyone but Mommy wants more. She says the only way we can guarantee the contract is with sex…and sex right now. I would have done this without a contract…Mom strips nude and then pull out my pecker. Next comes sex all over our dinner table. When I am finished, she cleans off my cock with her mouth and tells me to get cleaned up.

I grab her ass and run away. She gives me a smile and starts making dinner….

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