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It started innocently enough, Mommy Nikki Brooks was preparing me for school, she wanted to release some stress and sucked me off and sent me off.

Nikki Brooks in Mommy May I

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Product Description

Scene One: First Day of School

Mommy is on her knees in her bathrobe, buttoning my  shirt. When she finishes, she runs her hands over my chest to straighten my shirt and says, “There you are, all ready for your first day of school. Are you excited?” She is smiling brightly and is very cheerful. “You are going to have so much fun, you going to learn fun stuff and play games and make new friends. And remember to be helpful to the teachers and to call them sir and ma’am. Okay, sweetie?” Her face gets serious and she says, “Remember you can’t tell anyone about the fun things we do or we will get in trouble.” She then kisses me. She says, “I want to do something for you before the bus gets here. And if you are good in school today I will do it again when you get home. Would you like that?” She then unzips my pants and pulls out my pecker, she gets on her hands and knees and gives me a blowjob. When she is finished; she gets back on her knees looks at me and says, “Mommy loves you so much.” She hugs me, says, “Now go wait outside for the school bus and Mommy will see you when you get home.”

Scene Two: Weekend Alone

Mom is sitting on the couch in her bathrobe. She turns on the TV with a remote. She turns to me and says, “Daddy’s on a trip, so we’ve got the whole weekend to ourselves, so tonight let’s watch a movie together. This is about other mommies and their sons who love each other like we do. Won’t this be fun?” She turns to the TV and says, “Look this mommy and her son are about our age. He’s very handsome but not as handsome as my little boy.” She turns and smiles at me and asks, “She’s very pretty, do you think she is prettier than me?” “Oh, you are so sweet!” And gives me a kiss. She turns back to the TV, opens her robe, and takes my hand and placing it between her legs. She asks, “Look what she is doing, do you like it when Mommy does that to you? Oh that feels so good, rub Mommy just like that.” “Look at this mommy, her son is big and strong like he is in high school. Someday you will be big and strong like that and we can do that.” Her robe is completely open, she is really sweaty and excited. “Look at that, look at that, look at what they are doing, look at them fucking, oh shit! Oh god!” And cries out like she has cum. She lays their panting for a few moments. She turns and says, “Oh baby, that was so great, you made mommy cum so hard. I love you so much.” She kisses me and takes the hand she has been masturbating him with; kisses it, licks it, and rubs it between her legs. She says, “You came too, I’ve never seen you cum so much. She kisses me…

Scene Three: The First Time

Mommy wanted to have sex with me like she did for the first time with Daddy. It was by a window and she was feeling nostalgic.

She says, “I want to do something very special today, the first time I ever made love was with your father was in a car just like this and I want us to do it just like he and I did. Now take out your thingy and get on top of me” I am lying on top of her semi-reclined body. She closes her eyes and starts breathing heavily. She says, “Now put your peepee in Mommy’s peepee, that’s it. That’s a good boy. Now start moving in and out of Mommy. That’s it baby. Now squeeze Mommy’s boobies. Hard baby, really hard! Pinch them.” Let this go on for a few minutes. Mom is breathing hard, moaning and whimpering, eyes closed, babbling for me to fuck her harder, etc.. She finally cums with a cry, pauses, her eyes pop open with a shocked look on her face. She says, “Oh baby, Mommy came, I came harder than I ever have in all my life.” Looking at me adoringly, she kisses me and says, “You thing feels so good in me, it feels so good when you shoot all your white stuff up me. This was even better than with your Father.”

Scene Four: Mom Loves Anal

Mom is laying on the living room floor fully nude, face down, legs spread wide apart. She reaches back and spreads her ass cheeks, smiles and says, “Well don’t just stand there baby. Take your clothes off and get on Mommy. I do as Mommy says. She says, “Oh your thingy is already hard, I like that. I want you to do something for Mommy. I want you to put your little peepee in Mommy’s butthole. Reach down and do that. That’s it, that feel good. Does that make you feel good? It makes Mommy feel really good. Put it in hard, shove it in. That’s it, shove it up Mommy’s ass! Fuck Mommy up the ass! Fuck Mommy. Fuck Mommy’s ass!.” After a couple of minutes of this she jerks her head straight up and cries out as she cums. She should then relax and say, ” Go to your room for a little while now baby, Mommy needs to rest for a while. Mommy loves you so much.”

Scene Five: Cum on My Tits

Mommy is lying on her bed, fully nude. I am at the foot of the bed just off to the side. She smiles and says, “Come here baby.” When he is closer, she says, “Here get in bed with me.” When I get in bed with her, she guides me to where I am  on top of her, squatting on top her of where my pecker is between her breasts. She looks up, smiling at me and squeezes her breasts together. She tells me to start moving backwards and forwards. She says, “Does that feel good sweetie? It makes Mommy feel good too. Keep doing that.” Her face darkens and she closes her eyes. She says, “You like fucking Mommy’s tits? Does it make your dick feel good? It makes Mommy’s cunt hot. It makes Mommy’s cunt wet. Fuck Mommy’s tits.” This go’s on for a few minutes and I cum on her breasts.

Whispering she says, “I love you so much. I’ve loved you since the first time I felt you growing in me. I remember falling in love with you the first time I ever held you in my arms. I love you so much. But these last few weeks what I feel has grown so into so much more. I never knew how much I could love anyone or anything. I love you baby, I love you my son.”