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Nikki Brooks in the Realtor

Mom Nikki Brooks has a new job as a Realtor. She wanted me to be her first customer, she did not know her first sale would end up with Sex and a creampie.

Nikki Brooks in The Realtor


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Scene One: Living Room Blowjob

“I need your help with something” Mommy says to me, telling me all about her new job as a Realtor. She’s very nervous about screwing it all up so she wants me to pretend to be a client so she can practice. “I love you baby” She smiles at me giving me a kiss.

Later that day we’re going through the house. At the end of the tour she tells me to sit on the couch so she can persuade me. She gets on her knees and tells me how wonderful the neighborhood is as she pulls down my pants. I’m confused and shocked, but I don’t stop her from sucking my cock. Her slow steady sucking makes me shoot my load right into my own mothers hot mouth. She’s definitely selling this house!

Scene Two: Bedroom Sex

“Lets look at the bedroom” She tells me. Even though I had just cum my cock can’t wait to see what’s in the bedroom with her. “You want this don’t you? The house I mean” Nikki smiles at me. She takes off her clothes slowly letting me take in her body as she tells me how great the house is.

Getting on top of me she slides me inside her and it feels amazing. Her warm wet pussy slides up and down on me as she sells the house so fucking hard. I fuck her all over the bed until her tight pussy is just to much for me. I lose control and cum deep inside of her. As my cum drips out of her I tell her I’m not buying the home and she fucking loses it!

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