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nikki brooks role play Mom Sale!

My Mom Nikki Brooks knows I love Comic Con, this week she dressed up as Wunder Woman and a new Character that loves sex, my Role Play Mom.

Nikki Brooks in Role Play Mom

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Product Description

Scene One: Anaconda Mom

I wake up to one of the strangest and most wonderful feelings in the world. My mom is naked on top of my already hard dick bouncing up and down. “Do you want it slow? Or fast and hard?” she asks me. I don’t know what to say or what to do as she fucks me, but god damn it feels good. My Role Play Mom.

She tells me that she’s a man anaconda as she wraps her legs around my hips and pulls me inside of her. She’s crazy making me fuck her. “Try to pull out” She laughs holding me inside of her. I can’t stop fucking her. I suck on her big tits as her pussy tightens on my cock and makes me cum inside my own mother. What the fuck just happened!

Scene Two: Comic con mom

“What do you think? Do you like it?” my mom Nikki asks me. Her and I will be going to comic con this year and she has the perfect retro wonder woman costume. She’s so excited about going she forgets that she’s not wearing any panties as she bounces on the bed. I feel myself getting so hard at the sight of her pussy.

“Are you that excited about comic con or is that because of mommy” She says reaching over and touching my crotch with a giggle. “You’re not embarrassed are you?” She asks bending over to show how her dress covers her ass. She tells me if I’m going to try on my costume we’re going to have to do something about my hard dick. Putting me in her mouth she takes care of it as only a slutty mother can. She pulls her tits out of her costume and pulls me inside of her with her legs. I fuck her warm inviting pussy until she’s moaning and making me cum. “Now I have to shower again” She laughs as my cum drips out of her pussy.

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