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nikki brooks daisy lynne Luke Longly to sleep and put to sleep Sale!

Nikki Brooks is into Limp and Sleepy Games.The first game she did not expect to be put to sleep but the second video she does all the work!

Nikki Brooks in To Sleep and Put to Sleep

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Clip Length: 21 minutes Clip Resolution: 1920x1080 Clip Format: MP4 Featuring: , , Category: Tags: , , , , , ,

Product Description

Scene One: The long weekend

Mr. Longly is renting out his house to Nikki. But it seems like his kids forgot one of their X-box games. He comes over to see if he can find it, and he should be looking for it but he can’t take his eyes off Nikki in her tight dress. He can see the outline of her piercings and tight fuckable body as she is put to sleep with a Karate Chop!

With a chop to the back of her head he takes Nikki out onto her couch. A smile on his face, he takes his phone and snaps some shots of his latest girlfriend as he strips her out of that tight dress. She’s even better naked and gets some great photos of her body. She only wakes once and is quickly taken care of so Mr. Longly can put himself between her legs and finish what he started. Nikki wakes up naked, confused and sore all over.

Scene Two: Just friends

Aunt Nikki is staying for a few days and Daisy doesn’t think anything of it. Hiding in her room she watches TV when her aunt walks in. “Those shorts are so cute!” Nikki says to her, it’s just the two of them in the house and Nikki wants some aunt niece time, maybe even go out later. “I should get some sleep” Daisy says uncomfortably but before Nikki leaves she has Daisy close her eyes for a special surprise.

“What are you doing!” Daisy screams as a chemical soaked rag is pressed against her face. “Oh sweet heart you’ll have so much more fun with me.” Nikki whispers as her niece falls limp in her arms. She strips the young perky Daisy, talking to her about how hot her body is and how much she’ll love being a lesbian with her hot aunt. She takes her time feeling her up and touching Daisy’s most sensitive areas. Nikki is going to own her…. “Sweet dreams” she whispers

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