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nikki brooks cory chase supergurl

Nikki Brooks as Supergirl has finally cornered the criminal she has been hunting for a few weeks. She has the woman cornered as she approaches her.

Nikki Brooks in SuperGurl on the Hunt


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Supergurl, Nikki Brooks, has finally cornered the criminal she has been hunting for a few weeks. She has the woman, Cory Chase, cornered as she approaches her. Supergurl is thrilled to finally have this woman behind bars for all the numerous crimes she has committed. The woman seems sad as she sits on her couch. Supergurl tells her how long she is going to be locked up for and that she’ll never be able to cause crime again. The woman laughs and says how amazing supergirl is and how beautiful she is. She lets her hair down and stands up. Moving closer to supergirl. Supergirl tries to push her back telling her to sit down until she calls the police. Supergurl removes her phone and begins to call. The woman poses a little and we see supergirl seems a little distracted by this. Supergirl begins talking to the police when the woman moves closer. She begins to feel Supergurl up and supergirl tries to push her away. She begins to lose focus on her phone call. The woman tells her she is so confused and she doesn’t want to call anyone. Supergirl lowers the phone and says she is confused and doesn’t want to call anyone. The woman smiles and takes the phone telling supergirl to look into her eyes. Supergirl tries to grab her phone but can’t stop looking into the woman’s eyes. The woman tells her how tired and confused she is. Supergirl agrees and begins to sit on the couch. The woman strokes her face and hair telling her to sleep and forget all this superhero nonsense. To just sleep and not wanting to fight anymore. Supergurll tries to resist again but fails and falls asleep.

Supergurl wakes up and is confused and realizes she is late for work. She is at work in her dress when she hears the voice of the villain and it jogs her memory. She stands to confront the villain but is easily put back down into sleep after a little struggle.

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