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sloan harper cory chase

Super Gurl has just been fighting Doomsday when she’s teleported to an Alternate Earth. Where is she’s confused and angry and all her powers are gone.

Sloan Harper in Super Gurl is My Pet – Alternate Earth


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Product Description

Super Gurl has just been fighting Doomsday when she’s teleported to an alternate earth. Walking into Sloan’s house she’s confused and angry. All her powers are gone and when she tries to attack Sloan she finds that she’s helpless in this universe. “Alright” Sloan says and grabs her in a tight squeeze.

With a gasp Super Gurl is put to sleep. Sloan brings her to the couch and calls for help. As the beautiful Super Gurl is laying there Sloan can’t help but look at the perfect body beneath her tiny costume. Touching and licking, Sloan strips Super Gurl, taking her back out anytime she wakes. Super Gurl is so pathetic without her powers….

Super Gurl wakes to the wonderful feeling of Sloan’s tongue violating her pussy. Naked and exposed she can’t push Sloan away from her. “Look what I have” Sloan moans, rubbing a pink kryptonite dildo against her pussy. “I’m going to need you to be a good girl ok” Sloan says. Super Gurl has no choice but to do what she’s told.

“It’s making me so horny. I’ll do whatever you say” Super Gurl screams in pain and pleasure. Super Gurl worships her new mistresses great tits, moaning and being used. “I’m you’re pet” Super Gurl says as she’s forced to cum over and over. “Anything for you” Super Gurl says now completely trapped in the alternate earth…..

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