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Vanessa Cage Black Widow is Controlled and Drained

After many recommendations Vanessa Cage Black Widow is going to a shield approved therapist she does not know the therapist is Brain Drain in disguise.

Vanessa Cage in Black Widow is Controlled and Drained


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Product Description

Scene One: Forced Therapy

After many recommendations Black Widow is going to a shield approved therapist. Little does she know the therapist she has to see is really Brain Drain in disguise! “Let’s try some de-stress exercises” Brain Drain says and begins rubbing Black Widow’s shoulders.

With a wave of her hands she releases her powers and numbs Black Widow’s thoughts. Slowly her brain is being turned into mush as Brain Drain opens up her top and plays with B.W.’s big tits, Stripping her down to her tight pantyhose to play with.

Scene Two: Mind Erased

Brain Drain makes her new puppet help her take off her clothes and soon they’re both only in shiny tight hose rubbing their bodies against each other. Brain Drain uses her powers to pull more and more thoughts from B.W.’s dumb bimbo head.

B.W. slides her face between her mistresses legs and makes Brain Drain moan. Dumb as a cow, she worships the pussy like a salt lick. Brain Drain laces her legs with Black Widow and they grind each other to a forced lesbian orgasm. Satisfied she lets Black Widow go only to have her come back later to complete her training.

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