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Vanessa_Cage_in_Free_Use_Origins Sale!

How did the free use family start with Vanessa Cage? At first he took what he wanted from his hot daughter but there’s a better way to fuck her.

Vanessa Cage in Free Use Origins

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Product Description

Scene One: Pulled to the bed

“Get up here!” He yells at his daughter, Vanessa Cage, throwing her to the bed. She’s 18 now and she’s going to like this. He rips off her shirt and pulls off her clothes. “Daddy what are you doing? Not my panties!” She screams as he gropes her body and takes off her chastity. “I just want to do my homework” Vanessa pleads with him.

He shoves his cock into her pretty mouth and makes her suck him. She is so perfect and so sexy, she has to get fucked. “Daddy” She cries as he pushes his cock inside her and makes her into a real woman. He fucks her hard, getting every bit of pleasure from her hot body. He kisses her as he shoot his hot load inside her tight wet virgin pussy.

Scene Two: Mommy does not believe me

The next day and Vanessa is still shook by what happened. She tries to explain to her mother but mom wont listen to her. “Why would I make something up like that” Vanessa pleads. “Stop making up stories, you’re pissing me off.” Cory yells at her daughter and leaves her more depressed than when she entered.

Dad walks in and tries to cheer her up, rubbing her shoulders and talking softly to her. “Why are you touching me?” Vanessa says annoyed. “What are you doing!” She screams as her dad rips open her shirt and squeezes her big tits. He holds her arms tight and presses her against the counter. Pulling down her pants and forcing his way inside her tight little pussy. “I need to get ready for school” She begs him. “Daddy” She cries as she feels him fill her up with his cum. She lays on the table, crying, used and dripping.

Vanessa is supposed to be okay with all this. Daddy still does not understand why Vanessa continues to resist, she is now 18…

Scene Three: How to control a woman

Dad knows that he can’t keep fucking his daughter until he learns how to control her a little better. A quick google search reveals something interesting. An experimental remote that can control and train women at will. He has to try this thing out!

He finds his daughter working out her anger and frustration in the gym. “Can you leave me to my workout” Vanessa says and dad freezes her. With her arms in the air he grabs a quick feel before making her strip naked. The last button to try on his remote? To turn his reluctant daughter into a horny little slut for him to fuck. “Want to do it on the bench?” Vanessa asks with a smile. Dad finally gets what he wanted from her.

She spreads her legs and lets him fuck her tight young pussy any way he wants. He makes her big breasts bounce and uses her hot body until he can’t take it anymore. She moans and opens her mouth happily for his big load. “That was yummy daddy” Vanessa smiles.

Mom walks in just at the wrong time. Dad turns to her and zaps her into the freeze mode for later use…

Scene Four: Family Mindwarp

Now that he has the free use family he always wanted, it’s time to live out his fantasy. His wife and daughter are frozen, awaiting his commands. He makes them strip and make out with each other. They worship each others tits and get ready to fuck each other. “Get your hands off of her, That’s gross” Cory tells him, upset that he wants to fuck his own daughter. He freezes her and has full use of Vanessa’s hot body, while his wife is frozen and cuckolded.

He fucks his daughter’s tight wet pussy and she moans like it’s her first time. Vanessa can’t control her lust for her father’s big cock drilling into her. She opens her mouth like a good little slut for her daddy’s big load all over her perfect face. “Why don’t you help your daughter clean up?” He suggests. Wife and daughter kiss and share his load, his perfect free use family.