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VanessaCage_StringWomanvsGoldenGirl_GIF Sale!

Breaking a super heroine is the biggest challenge a lesbian slaver can have. Watch the mental and physical destruction. One of the hottest videos.

Vanessa Cage in String Woman vs. Golden Girl

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Clip Length: 38 minutes Clip Resolution: 1920x1080 Clip Format: MP4 Featuring: , Category: Tags: , , , , ,

Product Description

Scene One: Introducing pain

“Anyone? Help me!” Golden Girl cries into the unforgiving empty room. Her perfectly tone and fit body is stretched and exposed. She pulls and struggles with the ropes that bind her, hoping to free herself before anything can happen. “You’re awake” The villain says, walking into the room. Golden Girl begs to be freed, and maybe String woman will let her go, after some training.

String woman touches Golden’s body, making her flinch and telling her all about what’s going to happen to her. “I know you don’t like girls… don’t you want to have fun with me?” The villain asks. “I’m not a fucking lesbian” Golden Girl spits back. Looks like String will just have to flog it out of her tight muscular body. The whip cracks against Golden’s exposed skin making her cry out in pain. A big black ball gag is shoved into her crying mouth and she forced to accept the agony.

Scene Two: Leaving her to cum

“No NO!” Golden mumbles into her ball gag as String woman takes a powerful little vibrator and straps it to her whipped pussy. “I’ll be back.. maybe you will have enough by then” String woman says, leaving Golden in terror. She can’t just leave her like this!

Pressed up against her clit the vibrator does it’s job breaking down Golden Girl. She screams and moans as the device forces an orgasm out of her body. She tries to fight it, But orgasm after orgasm comes no matter how hard she tries to prevent it. Her mind becomes broken from cumming again and again. God it’s just to much she just can’t take being left to cum like some little bondage whore doll. Her body is shaking and quivering, her mind breaking into a thousand little pieces.

Scene Three: Personal Super Pet

String woman comes back to put the pieces of the broken super heroine back together again. To turn her into a little lesbian slave. Golden Girl is only happy to do whatever anyone tells her. She has no idea where she is or what she was before being tied and broken. She leans in to kiss her new mistress, and moans as her mistress plays with her perfect body. “I’ll be your girlfriend” She moans weakly.

“You want it” String girl commands her. She makes Golden get on her knees and worship her big tits and wet pussy. Her own personal pussy licker to play with. String woman gives her pet another orgasm with her amazing tongue and seals Golden’s fate forever. She’s going to be led out of this room never to be seen again, a slave to String Woman’s evil desires to be sold on the black market.