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Vanessa cage cory chase I vant to bite your boobs Sale!

If you dare summon a vampire you must be prepared to pay for his services.

Vanessa Cage in I Vant to Bite Your Boobs

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Product Description

Scene One: Familiar

The little hedge witch Cory wants to summon Dracula and be his bride. The thought of being a familiar to him, completely submissive, turns her on. She preforms the summoning ritual and summons him. “What makes you think you’re worthy of the prince of darkness” He demands of her. “I can help you, I can provide women for you” Cory tells him and sends him to feast on her unsuspecting roommate and become his Vampire bride.

Vanessa sleeps soundly in the next room, ignoring the things her crazy roommate does in the middle of the night. A cold chill creeps into the room as Dracula enters. She’s frozen with his gaze, unable to move as he pulls down her top and sucks on her tits. All she can do is whimper as he feeds on her neck and fucks her tight pussy.

Scene Two: Dracula’s victim

Vanessa is terrified as he puts her on all fours and fucks her. His cold clammy hands running over her naked body. His powerful cock drilling into her and making her shutter with orgasm.

On the verge of tears he bites her again and again, slowly draining the blood from her body. Woozy it feels like a nightmare as the Prince of Darkness fucks her harder than anyone has before. Shooting his vampire load all over her tits he bites her neck and drains her until she falls asleep.

Scene Three: Dracula’s bride

Cory can hear Dracula taking everything away from her roommate. “How was she” Cory asks her new master. She wants to become a vampire and begs him to make her his bride. He lays her on the couch and gives her what she wants.

Pulling off her clothes he fucks his new bride. Cory moans and cums from the demon ravaging her body. “It burns so good” Cory moans as Dracula transforms her.

Barely alive they go back and feast on Vanessa, their first victim, to consummate their marriage.

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