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Luke’s Tip of the Day #1

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Luke’s Tip of the Day #1

Happy Sunday! This will be the first of my daily or so, Tip of the day.  Now everyone likes a good tip or even just the tip. Now back to the story.

This tip goes out to all the new Adult Video Producers. Paperwork! Always do Paperwork when shooting a model. Even if you know the model well, do the PAPERWORK!

The paperwork should consist at a minimum of the following items:

  • 2257 – Here is a good link with lots of info.
  • Model Release – Here is a Standard form we also use. I would add compensation amount to the form if you plan to make your own.
  • Photo copies of Government Issued Identification. Two are good, three is better!

Without the proper paperwork, things can get messy quickly. If you are worried you do not have enough protection, speak with an Adult Industry Friendly Attorney.

Now once you have the paperwork filed out, signed and completed by the model, store your records in a secure location. There are online Records Storage facilities or you can secure the paperwork at home in a lock box. This is up to you.

Be safe out there, this has been Luke’s Tip of the Day! More to come!