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Luke’s Tip of the Day #2

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Luke’s Tip of the Day #2

Fans email and tweet all the time, “How do you still do Porn at your age and not wear a shirt?” There are a couple reasons for this:

Olympic Wt Lifting
Clean Diet (This is more recent)
Keeping up with Wife Cory Chase

Now to the Olympic Lifting, a great resource I use is Catalyst Athletics I highly recommend going to a gym that offers Coaching or Personal Training. While Olympic movements are safe, if performed incorrectly you can hurt yourself. When we (Cory and I) first began Olympic Lifting, we were only allowed to use the bar for a full month. Yes, just the bar! That was enough to kick our asses until the movements were performed perfectly and we graduated to bounce plates on the bar.

The Core exercises are:

Clean and Jerk
Dead Lifts

These are Total Body movements. No wasting 2 hours in the gym doing single movement exercises, like curls, tricept push down…waste of time.

More info to follow in future Tip of the Day’s! One last tip though, stay off the Roids!

Now go lift and TRAIN!

and visit www.CoryChaseFetish.com