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How to Run and Operate a Successful Clips4Sale.com Store – Part One

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How to Run and Operate a Successful Clips4Sale.com Store – Part One

This will be a multi part blog containing many parts, tips, pointers, streams of consciousness on how to start, run and operate a successful www.Clips4Sale.com Store. As a Disclaimer, what works for us might not work for you. There are other Successful Producers on C4S.com that run their operations completely different from us. I cannot speak for them, just what we did and what worked and what did not work. We have bumped into many Pricks and Assholes along our journey and some can say, I have evolved into one as-well. Let’s get this started!

Part One: Pick a Fetish

I don’t want to get deep into tech side of the business…i.e. Computers, editing software, camera selections…If the system is available, it’s probably good enough to start. Let’s assume you have a Camera selected, editing software and computer on hand…This can all be had for $1,000.00. Enough with the boring stuff let’s start with the fun stuff.

Pick a Fetish. We started with anal videos. That was our fetish, Cory enjoyed, so we shot it…and shot it and then shot some more! This was the early days of www.c4s.com and it was the wild wild west out there. We did not know what we were doing or what sold. We had a fetish and ran with it. The first couple months were tough. Sales stunk but we kept chugging along.

Eventually we began producing bondage and strait jacket videos, the early days of www.New-Bound.com. Those videos sold a bit better but still nothing to quit our real jobs for. At the time, there was a top store on C4S.com featured only handjobs. It was shot simply with not so hot models but the videos sold. I figured to give it a shot. I had Cory Chase, she is in great shape, she can jerk a cock with the best of them. She was not a milf yet but still smoking hot. I had a mission to come up with a script everyday and have her tug one out for our new store… www.JerkyWives.com

This worked! We shot the videos mostly POV, point of view, and built a handjob library. Sales picked up and we were now hooked. Cory and I both still had full-time jobs but the Great-Recession was about to hit hard…It’s now 2009, my real job was drying up and Cory was receiving less and less hours at work. Then some dumbass she worked with wrote, “I Love Cory Chase” all over the building she worked out of. That was the sign we should do this full time…We took the leap and never looked back! We are now fulltime Porn Producers and Stars!

…up next Part Two: Building a Team