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Nadia White: The CosPlay Ultimate Guide

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Nadia White: The CosPlay Ultimate Guide


Nadia White returned for a day shoot with us. Today would feature Nadia as Harley Quinn (which she is a natural at), Cory Chase as Super Gurl, Alex Adams as a Bane Hybrid and Luke Longly as The Punisher. Harley and Mr. J set a trap for Super Gurl. The trap is to convince Super Gurl to drink acid that will render Super Gurl both helpless and horny, plus with the help of some simple coding from a magical computer, Harley and Super will transfer bodies…Fast forward several moments later we find The Punisher and Bane doing all sorts of bad things to Harley…

Super Gurl who is now Harley takes several rounds of cock and does things she never thought were possible…All while begging Punisher and Bane to stop…Fake Super Gurl tells the two, Harley is crazy, don’t believe anything she says. Plus there is no need to take her back to Arkham, she will just break out and the repair bill is over a million dollars every time…

One by one, Harley is abused and beaten. Her pussy is turned inside out while Super Gurl looks on, smiles and laughs as her former face, now truly Super Gurl, is covered in cum. A new HashTag was created… #SpitRoastThursday !!! Nadia plays a good whore and we have yet to touch her whore limits!

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